As a current user of our Sync feature, we are writing to inform you of the following important changes we are having to make to your service.

From the 10th of July, Sync will no longer be available as a free feature.*

The Sync feature will continue to be supported with a HulloMail subscription. You can purchase this by going to Settings in your current HulloMail app, then --> In App Store --> 1 Year Subscription.

We apologise for any inconvenience this change causes you, the reasons for which we set out below. We sincerely trust that you will continue to use the HulloMail service.

Kind regards,

The HulloMail team

* This is due to increasing support requirements arising from:

  • Password changes in third party email stores not being reflected in HulloMail
  • Third party mail store infrastructure changes - e.g. Apple MobileMe changes to iCloud compatibility
  • Gmail two-phase authentication complications

Your account will revert to HulloMail's default voicemail storage, and no longer use your email provider. Voicemails received prior to this date will remain accessible from the HulloMail folder in your email account. Voicemails received on and after this date will be accessible using the HulloMail mobile app.