Jargon Buster

HulloMail Basics

Visual Voicemail
Allows you to view your voicemails and missed calls in a list so you can select which one you want hear without having to call in.

Missed Call
If a caller hangs up before leaving you a message you will receive a HulloMail missed call notification.  HulloMail will notifiy you of a missed call even if your phone is switched off or you’re out of network coverage. This is a changeable option, so you can switch this on or off depending on your preference.


A short voice message that you can send to your friends, family and colleagues for FREE, like voicemail but without having to make a call first. You can send them to other HulloMail users or to any email address.

HulloMail Voice Portal
If you don’t have data coverage, you can still listen to your message. Call the HulloMail Voice Portal contact in your address book or press the ‘call voicemail’ button in the app.


Roaming just means using your mobile phone aboard. When you arrive in another country your mobile phone will select a local provider. Note that usually roaming rates are much higher than standard usage in your home country for both calls and data.

Conditional Divert / Conditional Call Forwarding

In order for HulloMail to replace your standard operator voicemail you need to divert or forward incoming calls to us, if you’re busy (engaged), your phone is off / out of coverage, or you simply don't answer. This is set automatically on BlackBerry and Android phones when you register and needs to be set manually by calling the HulloMail activate contact directly from your iPhone.

Unconditional Divert / Unconditional Call Forwarding

Unlike the conditional divert / conditional call forwarding which only diverts your incoming calls in certain scenarios an unconditional divert/call forward means all calls will be diverted directly to HulloMail without even ringing out. This is useful when you are roaming, so you can keep your phone switched off to avoid any unnecessary charges, and access your messages via email or the Internet.

Sign in and HulloMail Services

My HulloMail
Our online portal accessible via where you can access your account to view and listen to your messages or change your settings.


HulloMail Password
When you sign up for HulloMail you are required to create an alphanumeric password. This password is used to access the app should you sign out. If you forget your password you can request a temporary one from the sign in screen of the apps or the sign in screen of My HulloMail.


HulloMail PIN
Your PIN number is a four-digit number that is created for you when you sign up to HulloMail. Your PIN is only required if you call HulloMail from another telephone which is different to the one you registered with. Sometimes we may ask for your PIN if you call in to listen to your messages from abroad. Your PIN can be found in the password/PIN section of the Setting menu in the apps or via My HulloMail.

Personal HulloMail Number
Can be found at My HulloMail, in the Service Info section. Calling this number will send people directly to your voicemail, useful when you’re roaming. This feature is only available for the UK and Ireland.




Push Notification
A mobile phone service that constantly checks for new messages on the HulloMail server, in order to alert you as soon messages and missed calls are received.


Message Polling
Allows you to set how often HulloMail checks for new messages on your android device if you don’t have Push available (push is only available on Android 2.2 and above).

Greetings and Call Services

Personal Greeting
Allows you to record and save a personal greeting that will be played when someone reaches your voicemail.


Name Recording
Allows you to record your name, which is played as part of the default greeting and when you leave a message for someone else on the HulloMail service.

Individual Greeting

Allows you to record and assign a greeting to a specific contact in your address book. You can record and assign as many individual greetings as you wish.

Coverage and network

Limited Data Coverage
You will receive this message when the data connection (internet access) on your phone is very slow or is not responding.


No Data Coverage
This is the state in which your phone doesn't have data coverage but you can still make calls, therefore to check and listen to your messages you need to call the HulloMail Voice Portal.

No Coverage
You will not be able to check your new messages when you have no data or cellular coverage. HulloMail will continue to handle your calls and will send you the new messages as soon as you have coverage again.

Email and Contacts Syncing

Copy to email (via My HulloMail)
Turning this setting on will ensure a copy of all your messages will be sent to the email address you registered with.


Copy to email (via the app)
This option lets you send a copy of a individual voicemail to your registered email address.

IMAP email
Can be accessed from any computer or device, whether you are at work, at home or travelling around the world, all of your messages are available to you.

Contacts Sync
HulloMail can associate your voicemail with your stored contacts on your phone or by using third-party contact providers such as Google.  The app will automatically check for any updates to your contacts when launched.